The project Embedding Entrepreneurship Education is implemented in University of Szeged under the coordination of Knowledge Management Center (KM Center). Located in southern Hungary, the University of Szeged is a leading centre for education, science, research, innovation and it has a crucial role in the region’s cultural, social and economic activities. University of Szeged has 12 faculties that offers 47 international full-time study programmes, so almost all scientific fields are represented at the institute.

KM Center was founded in 2013 to create value and broaden the scientific theories in knowledge management at University of Szeged. Researchers have enormous experiences in different scientific fields, such as technology management, marketing, legal aspects, sociology, etc, where lot of publications have been released. This combination of knowledge ensures the multidisciplinary problem-solving and identifying possible interfaces between different scientific fields for research topics.

The efforts of the KM Center is supported by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration – providing a business ecosystem and infrastructural environment for the project.

University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics
Institute of Business Studies

6722 Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 1.
Fax: (+36-62) 544-499

Project Management Team

Norbert Buzás, Ph.D., MBA, Head of KM Center

Norbert Buzás Ph.D., MBA is the head of the Department of Health Economics at the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Buzás started his career as research fellow working at the University of Szeged, Technical University of Vienna, VUB University of Brussels and the University of Palermo. He has served as intellectual property director of a biotech company for six years and director of professional operation at largest private Hungarian business acceleration company. Dr. Buzás has 90 publications including 20 books and book chapters.

Szabolcs Prónay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Szabolcs Prónay Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Institute of Business Studies of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at University of Szeged. Dr. Prónay is the former marketing manager at the Directorate for Research Administration and Technology Transfer. He works as a marketing consultant for several business and management consulting firms. He is a founding member of Innovation Club at the University. His research interests includes consumer behaviour, knowledge management and Science to Business (S2B) marketing.

Sándor Huszár, Research Fellow

Sándor Huszár is a former marketing manager at the Directorate for Research, Development and Innovation. He studies as a PhD student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Szeged. He has an MA degree in International Business and Economics, and he also studied Project Management for one year in Dortmund. His research interests are: 1) Possible business utilization of R&D activities; 2) The researchers’ motivation and expectations in connection with the technology transfer process.