EEE Regional Alliance in the Halle (Saale) Region

The regional alliance in Halle focusses on the promotion of entrepreneurship and the improvement of the regional start-up eco-system. As such, it wants to contribute substantially to giving entrepreneurship education inside and outside HEIs a more prominent position on the agenda of relevant decision-makers in science, business and political institutions in the region.

In order to pursue these objectives, existing efforts to foster entrepreneurship are being reconsidered as well as complemented by new and promising initiatives. The Halle regional alliance does so through a stepwise-process, starting with bilateral talks to interested and highly promising stakeholders that create the basis for several plenary sessions of all involved stakeholder at a later stage of the project.

Throughout this process, the competences of a network of key actors from HEIs, transfer units, employment agencies, SME´s and chambers are bundled to improve the understanding and perception of the importance of a well-functioning start-up eco-system for a forward-oriented and innovative regional economy of growth.

Halle Regional Alliance is led by: