Szeged Regional Alliance 

The Regional Alliance of Szeged was constructed around the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of University of Szeged, (where many members of the organizing team work as full-time teachers). The faculty provided all the necessary support for the initiative. The core members of the Alliance were local entrepreneurs who were strongly committed towards local entrepreneurial efforts. Teaching staff, members of the Chamber and the representatives of other authorities participated in a very small number.

The organizing team of the Alliance was constituted by members who had been involved in several similar programs previously and had an extensive entrepreneurial network. They relied on this personal network in the course of creating the Alliance.

Szeged Regional Alliance is led by: 



The central activity of the Alliance was to pilot test EEE Teaching Toolkit modules, and especially implement a full-semester course promoting entrepreneurship according to the following features:

  • More than 20 students from the different faculties of the university could enroll in the course, that was part of the standard curriculum, can be taken as an optional course, meaning 90 minutes of engagement per week. Students were working in 5 teams on the implementation of a business idea throughout the semester. They presented their progress in class every two weeks.
  • Entrepreneur mentors assisted the work of each team.
  • The work of the teams finished with a public presentation at the end of the semester, where the business ideas implemented during the semester were presented for the wider public. The performance of the teams was evaluated by a professional panel.